Carpet install was poorly done - your salesman relatedhe was going to send me the warranty information and he didn’t - I still want it well we’re on the topic. Your project manager is full of shit - said they hadn’t changed the carpet out for the fix- that my quarter-round strip was painted brown and that’s why it looked bad - he didn’t notice that I had taken photos of his shit work. — no don’t put me down as a satisfied customer— if you want photos of your horse shit craftsmanship- just let me know — and get me my warranty paperwork!!!
Daniel Tawney
Quality and effeciency
Titus Kyenzeh
There were promises made at the end at the completion of the job that still have not been addressed. I will be calling the representative today to follow-up. The work and the workers did a fantastic job and based on them I would highly recommend your services to others. It is just the follow-up on promises made at the completion that is disappointing. My wife is riding me as we speak to have them addressed. So as the old saying goes, happy wife, happy life, my life is not so happy right now!
Stephen Middleton
Better cost breakdown--also when doing the initial bid be more realistic. I was never sure why the laundry room was not initially included since it was downstairs and clearly needed to match the main area. Having to pay extra for that was very annoying since I paid so much to begin with
Paula Orr
Excellent service from start to finish!!! We love our new tiled back porch. These guys are outstanding!!
Kathy Toohey
Very polite and on time. We appreciate their help with our mesquite floor.
Joanie Korte
Great job from the sales team to the installation team. They were great to work with.
Mike Brown
The in home consultation was very convenient and employees are friendly and not pushy salesmen like most places are. Everything was quick and easy and I was able to set up an appt that weekend to get the room done. The pricing is better than the big box stores too!
Leeann Rodgers
Set the expectations at the start and exceed them at the end. Left the house cleaner then when they started and finished a day early. You get what you pay for. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone doing a big job or small.
Mark & Courtney Dodge
I loved how easy and fast it all was, especially around the holidays (right before Thanksgiving). Alfredo was so professional and answered all our questions. Scheduling was easy and getting the loan together was simple. The work turned out fantastic and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments. Would highly recommend.
Janice & Prince Wallace