Originally created to protect walls from spills and splattering food, backsplashes are now more than just a utilitarian addition to a home. These carefully considered design elements can really bring a kitchen together and elevate its overall aesthetic. Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio has prepared a brief post about subway tile backsplash and the many benefits it can bring to your San Antonio kitchen. 

Subway Tile in San Antonio Floor Coverings International Northwest San Antonio

What is Subway Tile?

Subway tile first came about in the early 1900’s in the subways of New York City. This design element quickly moved from the walls of the subway to the walls of the kitchen, finding its way into homes all across America. This style of backsplash has now become a classic design staple, with over a century’s worth of homeowners installing this beautiful backsplash in their kitchens.

Classic subway tile is comprised of 3×6” rectangles made from white ceramic that are separated by very thin grout lines and arranged in a brick pattern. Nowadays there is a lot more freedom in the color, sizing, and arrangement of a subway tile backsplash, but the original style is still extremely popular. 

Benefits of Subway Tile Backsplash

In its original form, subway tile is a timeless backsplash choice that pays homage to its original inception in the early 20th century. Its classic appearance goes well with many different home décors, and its easy-to-clean surface makes it popular for homeowners who like to cook.

Subway Tile in San Antonio Floor Coverings International Northwest San Antonio

Even though subway tile is typically white and sized at 3×6”, a wide array of colors and sizes are now available that allow homeowners to customize their backsplash while giving a nod to the classic tile style. These tiles are also often arranged in patterns that differ from the original brick-lay design. Many kitchens now design their subway tile in herringbone, chevron, crosshatch, and stacked patterns that create greater levels of visual interest.

Regardless of the way homeowners choose to customize their backsplashes with subway tile, the classic look and shape of this material will help to tie any kitchen together.

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