Walnut hardwood flooring San AntonioChoosing a type of wood for your hardwood flooring can be a tough decision. There are many species, colors, hardness levels, and grain patterns available on the market today. Walnut is a lovely species of wood popular for use as hardwood flooring in the San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights areas of San Antonio. Here we’ll explore the qualities of walnut and see how it compares with other popular hardwood varieties.


If you love rich, deep, and dark shades for your flooring, walnut may be an ideal choice. Walnut generally ranges from reddish brown tones to ultra dark cocoa that can almost look black, generally making it fit in best in formal spaces. Depending on the age and part of the tree from which the timber was milled, there are even some walnut hardwoods that are a pale grey color, often bordering on seashell white. The varying range of colors available in walnut flooring means most people can find the tone they want somewhere within the spectrum. However, if you are looking for a very dark wood, some ebony wood variations may be a good option. If lighter hardwoods are what you prefer, many maple varieties are considerably paler compared to walnut.


Most walnut varieties found in the United States are softer woods when compared to other species used for flooring. If you are going to install the hardwood floors in a high traffic area of your San Antonio home, U.S. grown walnut is not generally recommended. However, Brazilian walnut has one of the highest hardness ratings. Brazilian walnut tends to be more expensive than domestic varieties and often considered a luxury material. Unlike other walnut varieties, it can be used in high traffic areas of the home because of its strength.


Depending on which species you’re looking for, walnut is fairly widely available for use in San Antonio. Other hardwoods, such as teak, can be considerably harder to find. Some species of wood used for flooring are becoming scarce and can no longer be exported due to their endangerment.

If you want a visually impressive hardwood that can match nearly any color palette and interior design style, walnut is an excellent choice. Call Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio today to find out more about all the walnut flooring options available and to schedule your free design consultation!


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