red oak hardwoods san antonioHardwood flooring is a timeless, warm, and traditional choice that can compliment any style of home. Of all the countless hardwood species on the market, the red oak is one of the most widely used options available – and for a good reason. Here at Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio, we love red oak for its many perks, and believe it can make a great addition to any San Antonio home.

About Red Oak

Red oak is a domestic hardwood species harvested in North America. The oak species has a number of varieties, including red oak and a white oak. Combined, oak varieties make up over 50% of all hardwood flooring available today.


One thing that makes the red oak so popular is its warm color, with tones ranging from light brown to pinkish red. Red oak also has a pronounced, swirly grain which gives it a distinctive look. Red oak stains well if you want to create a custom color effect and it is a moderately priced option compared to other hardwood types.


Another desirable quality of red oak hardwood flooring is its durability. Manufacturers use the Janka scale to measure the density and hardness of wood, thus determining its suitability in the home. While red oak is not the most durable hardwood available, with a Janka score of 1,290, it is widely accepted as a good standard for durable flooring without needing to invest in more expensive wood varieties.

Installing and Maintaining

Red oak flooring is installed just like most other hardwood floors. However, red oak is a porous hardwood that is more susceptible to changes in moisture and temperature than some other hardwoods. For this reason, it is important to have red oak  installed professionally to avoid gaps forming between the planks. This also means you shouldn’t install red oak flooring in moisture-prone areas. Other than keeping your red oak floors dry, maintenance is the same as with any other hardwood floor. A regular sweeping will do, along with a gentle cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Contact Your Flooring Experts

If you’re considering red oak hardwoods for your home, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio to schedule a free in-home consultation. We have a large selection of oak hardwood floors to choose from, and can install your new floors expediently and professionally. We proudly serve the greater San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights areas.


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