Reclaimed wood flooring is a stunning and unique alternative to traditional hardwood flooring, and it could be the perfect way to add history, personality, and rustic appeal to your San Antonio home. Reclaimed wood flooring is created from recycled wood gathered from various sources. Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio is proud to bring reclaimed hardwood to San Antonio homeowners.

Why Reclaimed Hardwood is Right for You

reclaimed wood flooring

Visual Appeal.

Reclaimed wood floors have a distinct and intriguing visual appeal. The varied levels of textures and colors come together to create a flooring that’s eye-catching and intriguing.


The unique history and appearance of reclaimed hardwood gives it character. These floors can be composed of wood from a variety of sources: barn doors, church steps, torn-down homes. With reclaimed hardwood, you’re bringing history into your home.


The versatile past of reclaimed hardwood guarantees a unique flooring. These wood floors aren’t standardized during manufacturing, because they’re rescued rather than created. No two reclaimed wood floors look exactly alike. These wood floors have a story behind every plank.


Reclaimed hardwood floors can be just as durable as brand new hardwood. Given that these floors often bear marks of their history, you’ll actually have to worry less about scratching or denting them.

Eco-Friendly.reclaimed hardwood flooring

Reclaimed hardwood is a recycled flooring. Created from pre-existing wood planks and given new purpose, these floors don’t involve any new trees being cut down. This makes them an idea eco-friendly option.


Reclaimed wood encompasses a variety of different looks and styles. This style of flooring can even incorporate authentically painted wood. The various different colors and plank sizes create an eye-catching flooring that’s impossible to ignore. For a more unified flooring, reclaimed hardwood can be refinished and stained for uniformity.

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