northwest san antonio mahogany hardwood flooring

In terms of hardwood quality, you can’t ask for more than mahogany. This is a top-of-the-line hardwood, often thought of as luxury flooring. Whatever you want to call it, this hardwood is practically flawless. Featuring resilience, beauty, and durability, it’s a struggle to say much of anything critical about mahogany hardwood floors!

Today Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio asks San Antonio readers to join us as we cover mahogany, the king of hardwood floors.

Luxurious Mahogany

Usually, hardwood flooring comes naturally with some series of surface irregularities or other aberrations. Plenty of homeowners consider this desirable, but on the surface of mahogany floors, there are virtually no grooves or pockets. Its smooth planks rate very high on the Janka hardness test, meaning that they can endure massive amounts of mechanical pressure before yielding.

Because of the way mahogany is cut, it is also highly resilient to the size changes that can plague other hardwoods as temperatures shift and alter the moisture levels in the air. Specifically, when it is harvested, mahogany is cut in the form of quartered logs. This grants it a solid toughness against humidity-induced warping, and prevents malformations like swollen or shrunken planks, which can permanently damage a hardwood floor.

Because of its toughness, mahogany requires refinishing less frequently than most hardwood floors. This can save both time and money, but mahogany’s pricing will take its high quality into account. A good idea to remember is that the longer you keep your mahogany floor in good shape, the better your return on investment.

northwest san antonio mahogany hardwood flooring

Mahogany and Sunshine

Many hardwood floors suffer from a sun exposure problem. Mahogany is no exception to this, although it will take longer for the sun to impact its coloring.

However, whereas most hardwoods fade and pale with too much sunlight, mahogany actually becomes darker! One way to manage this is to buy light-toned mahogany so as to slow the gradual darkening process.

Questions About Hardwood Floors?

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