hickory kitchen flooring, northwest san antonioHickory hardwood flooring has grown in popularity among San Antonio homeowners for its warm character and durability. Native to the Eastern United States, hickory is also an affordable and versatile domestic wood option, with more than 10 species to choose from depending on your stylistic preferences. Keep reading to learn more from Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio.


Hickory flooring tends to have red-brown heartwood paired with lighter color sapwood. Shellbark Hickory has the darkest wood and makes for a bold statement, while other varieties have a more subtle appearance. Hickory wood flooring generally has a predominantly straight grain. However, some varieties have wavy grains and pronounced knots if you’re looking for a more distinct, rustic, look.


hickory flooring, living room, northwest san antonio

Hickory is a relatively affordable hardwood choice because it’s a domestic species with a plentiful supply. It is a very hard wood, with a Janka score of 1,820, meaning that installation is better left to the professionals as planks can be difficult to be cut and nail down to the subfloor. Hickory flooring can come prefinished or the raw wood can be sanded and stained on-site. Prefinished wood costs more upfront, but usually matches the cost of labor for finishing and staining on-site. Because of its durability, hickory is an excellent choice for high traffic areas.


Hickory flooring is easy to clean with regular sweeping and periodic mopping with a wood-safe cleaner. Over time, the surface will become scratched or start to look dull with years of use, at which point you can have the floor refinished to restore its beauty. However, because of its hardness, hickory is less likely to scratch and ding as easily or severely as softer hardwoods flooring choices.

If you would like to see how hickory flooring might look in your space, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio today and schedule your free design consultation. We will come with a wide selection of samples and work with you to find the perfect flooring options for your lifestyle needs, personal style, and budget.

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