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Hand-scraped hardwood is a popular choice amongst San Antonio homeowners. Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio loves how this beautiful style of hardwood helps to give a house some extra character and lends an aged, vintage look to a home. If you want to create a warm, lived-in aesthetic for your space, hand-scraped hardwood might be the right flooring for you. Keep reading to learn more!

A Little Background

Before there were machines to cut, sand, and finish hardwood flooring, craftsmen used to have to do everything by hand. With knives, scrapers, and other tools, these workers were able to take wood and turn it into thin planks suitable for home flooring. As a result of handcrafting these boards, each one would come out slightly different from any other.

How Is It Made?

Nowadays, both people and machines can create the hand-scraped wood look. For machine produced flooring, randomized settings are used to mimic the imperfections of handcrafted materials. Craftsmen, on the other hand, deliberately create various effects to emphasize the “hand-crafted” feel of the flooring. This includes marking them, adding wormholes, and even denting or scratching the surface with hammers and knives.


Unlike reclaimed wood, the flaws on hand-scraped wood are purely cosmetic. The wood itself is structurally sound, meaning you don’t have to worry about cracks, previous damage, etc. Manufacturers can even create the hand-scraped look on modern flooring materials, such as engineered hardwood. Besides its natural beauty and vintage aesthetic, hand-scraped hardwood is also a practical addition to any home. Because of the variability in the flooring’s surface, dents, scratches, and other damages blend in, making it a great flooring choice for families or homes with pets.

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