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San Antonio homeowners are embracing engineered hardwood for its beautiful appearance, wide style selection, and superior performance. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of engineered hardwood and how you can use it in your space.

How It’s Made

While the name might invoke a mental image of some sort of futuristic looking material, engineered hardwood is actually constructed from real hardwood veneer layered on top of plywood and high-density fiberboard. This layered construction makes the board more flexible, allowing it to withstand moisture and temperature shifts without warping like solid hardwood. Because only the veneer is made from hardwood, engineered boards are also a more eco-friendly option than solid hardwood planks since fewer trees are required for production.


For roughly the same cost as solid wood flooring, you can install an engineered hardwood floor that is able to handle a wider range of conditions around the home. For example, unlike solid hardwood, engineered wood flooring is safe to install in spaces like the kitchen, as the planks are better designed to deal with moisture and spills than traditional boards.

Another benefit of engineered hardwood is that the boards don’t need to be nailed or glued directly to subflooring. Instead they can be glued or clicked together to lock the boards into place. This means that engineered wood planks can be “floated” above a variety of surfaces, such as vinyl, concrete, or tile. This makes engineered hardwood a great choice for covering up existing flooring materials without requiring their removal — saving you time and money.

One thing to keep in mind with engineered hardwood flooring is that, unless you choose one with a thick veneer, it might not be possible to sand and refinish planks. However, in the event of damage, the planks are also much easier to replace.

Wide Selection

Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio partners with top manufacturers to provide San Antonio owners with engineered hardwood flooring options that will match a wide range of styles and price points. Our design experts will help you choose the perfect floor for your space, and our installation team will install your new floor quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our services, to see our selection, or to schedule a free in-home consultation. We proudly serve the greater San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights areas!

Photo Credit: BILD LLC

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