alamo heights cut pile carpetingMany Alamo Heights families love the warm and soft feel of cut pile carpeting. That’s why it’s one of the most popular types of flooring in the San Antonio area. At Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio, many of our customers ask us about cut pile carpeting and whether it is right for their homes. Here is some more information about this durable and versatile flooring option.

What is cut pile carpet?

There are two main types of tufted carpets: cut pile and loop pile, and both are made by threading yarn—usually polyester, olefin, or nylon—through a backing material. Loop pile carpeting leaves the loops intact. When the loops are sheared to form individual strands, the resulting carpet is called cut pile.

Soft and Comfortable

The main advantage of cut pile carpet is its comfort. It’s soft and warm—perfect for bedrooms and family rooms. To achieve this comfort, you must sacrifice some durability. For areas of the home with high foot traffic, try adding mats for protection, or consider loop pile carpeting.

Types of Cut Pile

There are many types of carpeting that make up the cut pile family. Saxony carpeting is the most ubiquitous type of carpeting and is probably what you think of when you hear the word “carpet.” It has short fibers that are twisted to add strength. Frieze (pronounced freeze) carpet is similar to Saxony except that its fibers are twisted up to 10 times, resulting in a shaggy, informal appearance. This increases the carpets durability and helps hide footprints and vacuum tracks.

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