Once you’ve chosen hardwood flooring for your San Antonio home, you’ll be faced with a variety of installation methods. Depending on your subfloors (the material beneath your flooring), budget, and personal preference, that method might change. Floor Coverings International NW San Antonio is happy to guide you through the three main installation styles, so you can make an informed decision on which method is best for your home.

hardwood flooring installation

Nailed or Stapled Down Flooring

With this method of installation, the flooring is securely fastened to the subfloor through either nailing or stapling it down. This is the method of choice for homes with wood subfloors. Nailed or stapled-down hardwood flooring is simple and cost-effective. Though specialized tools are required, there’s no need for padding to be installed underneath the wood, or for any adhesives to be used. This is also one of the most permanent methods for installing hardwood.

Glued Down Flooring

Using a strong adhesive, the hardwood planks are glued to the subfloor. This method is commonly seen with parquet-pattern hardwood and wood-look flooring, such as laminate. Though this method seems more DIY-friendly, it’s smart to hire an expert. Your subfloor and the type of adhesive used can greatly impact how well your hardwood is installed. A subfloor that’s not entirely level, or that carries residual moisture, can prevent your hardwood from sticking properly.

Floating Flooring

As the name suggests, floating flooring is not attached to the subfloor beneath. Instead, it ‘floats” above. This method is the least labor intensive, making it cheaper and faster than other installation methods. It works best with thicker planks – very thin hardwood can be difficult to work with. To keep the hardwood planks from shifting, individual boards are attached to each other with adhesive, or by using interlocking components. To decrease noise and prevent your floors from creaking underfoot, padding should be installed underneath.

floating flooring installation

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