If coziness, warmth, and natural materials are important parts of your aesthetic, you might be part of the rustic design community. From the quaint farmhouse feel characterized by light, open space, and wood accents, to the full-on cabin décor that gives a sense of being tucked away someplace in the woods, there are many different ways to go rustic with your home interior.

Read on for some tips from the Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio experts about how to introduce a rustic vibe to your space with strategic flooring choices. If you still have questions or you want to learn more about what we can do for your home in the greater San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights area, contact us today!

wide plank hardwood, floor coverings international nw san antonioWide Plank Hardwood

Among early settlers in the United States, the goal of flooring in their homes was to use as few hardwood planks as possible—so the result was flooring with rather large plank sizes. Over time, using smaller planks became a status symbol that indicated spare time and extra money to spend.

Nowadays, you can get any size plank for your hardwood flooring at a reasonable price, but the connection between wide planks and a rustic appearance has remained. It’s a simple way of imbuing your space with a slightly old-fashioned feel, and wide planks are making a big comeback. Go with a modest 5-inch plank, or make an impression with larger 12-inch planks!

Choose the Right Hardwood Species

Red oak hardwood is so common for flooring that no one these days would associate the species with a rustic aesthetic. However, there are some lesser-used species of hardwood that are just as durable, but feature a unique wood-grain and color that highlight the natural origin of the material and lend themselves to a rustic simplicity.

Try hickory, walnut, or maple for something slightly different—and don’t forget to see how different stains and finishes can highlight the grain and patterning of the planks!

rustic hardwood, floor coverings international nw san antonio

Reclaimed Hardwood

For the ultimate rustic look, choose reclaimed hardwood. Hardwood is “reclaimed” if it is being recycled and repurposed from its original structure. Old barns, factories, barrels, bowling alleys, and boxcars are just some of the places where old wood might be saved, spruced up, and installed somewhere else.

Far from being decrepit and weak, reclaimed wood is especially strong because it has had so much time to adjust to the climate—and reclaimed wood is often from old-growth trees that were healthier as a result of having grown in a less polluted atmosphere. Achieve your rustic look while bringing the incredible history of an old building into your home!

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