The right tile choice can transform your bathroom from an ordinary washroom into a beautiful personal spa. With so many options of material, color, pattern, style, and shape, it can be difficult to settle down on the perfect look for your space. Floor Coverings International NW San Antonio is here to help! Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite design ideas for bathroom tiles in your San Antonio home.

Porcelain Tiles

If you want something tried and true, we recommend using porcelain tiles for your bathroom. This longtime favorite is waterproof, durable, and versatile. You can find porcelain tiles in any manner of size, color, and pattern. For example, to create a luxury look without a hefty price tag, think about marble-look porcelain. Manufacturers are able to recreate the elegant colors and veins of marble, while the smooth surface of porcelain closely matches the feel of polished marble. If you’re on the hunt for a more contemporary feel, consider using stylish and practical matte finished porcelain tiling. Not only does it add a unique and modern look to your bathroom, but it’s also less slippery.

porcelain bathroom tiles

Size and Shape

For a minimalist look that makes your bathroom feel more spacious, go for oversized, all-white tiling along the floor and walls. The bright, reflective surface will make the room feel bigger and brighter. The clean and simple lines, combined with the illusion of space, creates a tranquil room for relaxing. If you prefer a playful twist, you can use hexagonal tiles to add subtle points of visual interest to your bathroom. They’re particularly fun to incorporate as backsplashes.

glass tiled showerMosaic Glass Tile

Glass mosaic tile is a beautiful way turn your bathroom into a unique and visually striking place for you to get ready for (or unwind from) your day. Some great places to incorporate glass mosaic tile are the backsplash over the sink, or by decking out your shower walls. Since glass can be created in almost any color, your options for patterns and shades are nearly endless.

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