janka hardness scale, nail and hammer, floor coverings international northwest san antonioWhen searching for wood flooring,  you’ll find that a wood’s “Janka score,” or rating, is a term that gets thrown around a lot — but what exactly does it mean? Floor Coverings International NW San Antonio is here to help! Keep reading to learn about the Janka Hardness Scale and how it can be a guide to finding the perfect wood floor!

What Is the Janka Hardness Scale?

A Janka score refers to the relative hardness of a wood and is determined by a test that measures the amount of force required to embed a .44 inch steel ball halfway into a piece of the wood. The higher the score, the more force required. This is important because the hardness of a wood plays a large role in determining its overall durability against denting and wear. The scale has also become an industry standard because it’s one of the best ways to tell how difficult a wood will be to saw and nail.

Let the Score Be Your Guide

janka hardness scale, choosing wood, floor coverings international northwest san antonioJanka scores are a useful tool when shopping for hardwood since they allow to you quickly compare different wood types and determine if they’ll match your performance needs. Have pets or like to move furniture around? You can focus your attention on higher scored woods that will be able to handle nicks and scuffs. Is your space dedicated to peace and quiet? You can expand your search to include a number of beautiful, softer, wood types for your floor. Just keep in mind that Janka ratings serve as a guide and aren’t the only factor in determining a wood’s durability. The environment, finish, and maintenance all play important roles in keeping your floors in good shape.

Janka Score Quick Guide

To give you a head start on your search for hardwood flooring, here are the Janka scores for some popular wood types, from hard to soft:

If you have any questions about what kinds of wood flooring might work best for you space, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International NW San Antonio today! We’ll come out for a free, on-location, design consultation and estimate to help you find the perfect match for your project! We serve the San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights areas.

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