repairing hardwood floors, floor coverings international northwest san antonioHardwood flooring is a beautiful way to add value to your San Antonio home. Yet, as time passes, nicks, scratches and dings can mar the surface, making your floor look worn. Here are some tips on touching up your hardwood floors and how to tell when it’s time to call in flooring professionals.

Gaps Between Planks

Sometimes gaps can occur between the boards, which is generally a problem caused by changing levels of humidity in a room. When it’s more humid, the boards swell. When the air is dry, they shrink. Using a dehumidifier and ensuring proper ventilation in the room can help correct this issue.

Fixing Light Scratches and Nicks

For light scratches that haven’t exposed the inner wood, the simplest solution is to use a touch-up kit — which can be found at most flooring retailers. The kit will contain a stain marker or crayon that matches the color of the wood to cover the scratch. Properly maintaining your floors can also help reduce the appearance of these scratches.

Repairing Deep Scratches

Deep scratches will need to be fixed with wood filler. You can purchase pre-colored wood filler that matches the colors of your hardwood floors. You apply the wood filler with a putty knife to fill it in. Once the filler is completely dry, you can then sand off the excess filler and apply a topcoat.

When to Get Professional Repair Help

Seek out professional help if the board is cracked or warped. In these cases, the plank will need to be replaced. Also, consider calling a flooring specialist if you are dealing with deep scratches or dents where re-sanding the floor is the best option. An experienced technician can determine the amount of sanding that will be required to remove enough wood to repair the floor without taking too much off the top surface.

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