Floor Coverings International Northwest San Antonio is here to help you maintain your carpeting with tips for cleaning four common stains.

San Antonio homeowners choose carpet flooring for the warmth and comfort it brings to their home. Carpet is expected to last around 10 years with proper care, and in that lifetime it is sure to receive several stains. After all, where life happens, spills happen! Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio is here to help with tips on how to clean four common carpet stains.

Basic Stain Treatment

Regardless of stain type there are some general methods for stain treating carpet. Stains should be dealt with immediately whenever possible. Never rub the carpet surface. This damages the carpet fibers and drives the stain deeper into the pile. Instead always blot at the stain using a cloth or paper towel.


For wine spills blot the stain dry first. Try to remove as much wine as possible. Follow this with the following cleaning solutions:

  • Ammonia Solution: A mixture of 1 tsp ammonia mixed with 1 cup water may be used for wine. However, it is important to not use ammonia based cleaning solutions on wool carpet, because ammonia is too strong of an alkaline solution, which will damage the wool fibers. It is also important to always have proper ventilation when cleaning with ammonia.
  • Chlorine Bleach Solution: Mix one part bleach with five parts water. Spray this solution or blot on with a damp cloth, then proceed to blot dry. Bleach solutions are only recommended for polypropylene carpets that are solution dyed.

    Carpet Care- How to Clean Wine Stains

Wax and Oil

For wax and oil stains place a paper towel over the stain, then press a warm iron over the paper towel. This will heat the wax or oil and cause it to stick to the paper towel. Additional stain removal can be done using isopropyl alcohol. Add rubbing alcohol to a cloth or cotton ball and dab the stained area.

Pet Stains

We love our pets, but sometimes they can be a hassle. For pet feces and urine stains try the following cleaning solutions.

  • White Vinegar: Since urine is alkaline, use vinegar to cancel it out. Mix one part vinegar with one part water to treat this stain.
  • Baking Soda: After treating the stain and letting the area dry, sprinkle baking soda over the area to treat any left over pet odors. Leave the baking soda overnight and vacuum the next morning.Carpet Care- How to Clean Pet Stains

Mud Stains

Allow the mud to dry, and then break it into pieces and vacuum. Additionally, stubborn dirt and mud can be lifted off carpeting by steam cleaning. It is recommended to steam clean your carpets every 12-18 months. The heat from the steam loosens the debris and allows for a deeper clean.

Your Local Carpet Experts

While stains can be combatted with many different methods, sometimes a carpet is beyond repair. If you’re at that point call Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio and schedule a free in-home estimate. We proudly serve the greater San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights areas.

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