hardwood options for pet owners in San Antonio

We love our pets, but they come with challenges. When it comes to flooring, stains and scratches are common byproducts from our furry friends. The team at Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio is here to help. Read on to learn about what flooring types we recommend to resist stains and scratches in your San Antonio home.


Hardwood is a popular choice for San Antonio homeowners, because it adds value to their homes while bringing warmth and beauty to their rooms. However, pet owners should keep scratches and stains in mind, lest they invest in hardwood only to have it quickly develop significant wear and tear. Choose from species with a high Janka hardness rating, such as Hickory or Brazilian Cherry, to prevent scratches. Also, clean spills immediately to prevent warping and staining.

Wood-Look Alternatives

laminate flooring for pet owners in San Antonio

Several options exist to get a similar look to hardwood without the same maintenance required. Laminate flooring is a lower cost option made primarily of fiberboard with a realistic wood-look print laid overtop. The print is covered with a clear protective layer, making laminate resistant to both scratches and stains. However, liquids should be cleaned immediately to prevent them from damaging the fiberboard interior.

Similarly, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) makes a great hardwood replacement. It is highly water-resistant, since it is a plastic material. Also, luxury vinyl tile has an added protective layer, which makes it more durable and scratch-resistant than other vinyl options.

Bamboo is not technically a hardwood. Rather, it is a member of the grass family. Its high hardness makes it scratch and stain-resistant. Bamboo coloring is generally lighter than hardwoods, so if you decide to add a darker finish, keep in mind that it may show scratches and water damage more easily.

carpet options for pet owners in San AntonioCarpet

Carpet is another popular flooring option, since it is affordable, comfortable, and warm. However, pet owners should avoid Berber carpeting, especially if they own cats. By clawing at Berber, cats can tear the carpet fibers and damage the loop of yarn. Instead choose cut-pile styles, such as plush or Saxony, with stain-resistant fibers. In particular our partner, Stainmaster, has excellent cut-pile styles in their PetProtect® product line.


Tile is another great flooring choice for pet owners, because it is incredibly durable, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant. In particular, ceramic or porcelain tiles provide easy maintenance and cleanup of pet accidents. On the other hand, certain natural stone tiles should be avoided, because they scratch easily and must be cleaned with gentle cleaning agents to prevent etching. However, several ceramic designs mimic the look of natural stone, so they make a great alternative.

For more help choosing flooring for your San Antonio home, call Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio and schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our design associates are happy to help you find the best product for your needs.

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