Maintaining your flooring is key to a long-lasting home that is both beautiful and comfortable. Depending on their type, you may have to follow some specific rules to keep those San Antonio floors in tip-top shape. At Floor Coverings International NW San Antonio, we don’t just encourage maintenance — we want your floors to sparkle! Here’s a quick guide on three prominent flooring materials and how to maintain them so that they’ll last you a lifetime.

northwest san antonio hardwood stone vinylHardwood

This rustic classic may be durable, but it is also prone to scratching or scuffing. If you would like to avoid the look of distressed hardwood, be sure to vacuum regularly with a soft-bristle attachment, preventing the build-up of particles like tiny rocks, which can scratch the wood surface.

Vacuums with rotary-brush heads should generally be avoided. After vacuuming, a good mopping with soap and water is just the ticket. Be sure to mop after vacuuming, or you are liable to swipe those scratchy particles across your floor. Any spills should be wiped up post-haste so that they can’t be absorbed into the wood.


Vinyl actually isn’t too different from hardwood in terms of maintenance. A similar vacuum-and-mop process can be applied, although with vinyl, you don’t have to worry as much about scuffing from little particles. Vinyl is engineered to be resistant to that sort of scratching damage, although it is still a good idea to play it safe and vacuum regularly. One key difference between vinyl and hardwood is that vinyl should never be waxed, as this can leave a film on your beautiful flooring.

northwest san antonio hardwood stone vinyl


Stone is a funny entry on this list, because despite its famous toughness, it is actually quite sensitive to certain cleaning agents. Namely, anything acidic will leave a permanent stain on your stone floor, whether it’s marble, granite, slate, or any of the common stone floor materials. Stone is porous and requires protective finishes to make sure stains cannot be easily absorbed.

Other than that, stone floors should be vacuumed with non-rotary-brush heads and mopped with soap and water to keep them pristine.

Your Local Floor Maintenance Experts

The folks at Floor Coverings International NW San Antonio aren’t just maintenance experts — we provide and install a large range of quality flooring materials, including carpet, cork, hardwood, laminate, and more! When it comes to floors, you name it, we’ve got it. Contact us today for a visit from our mobile showroom in San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, or surrounding areas. Let’s create beautiful, long-lasting San Antonio floors together.

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