San Antonio owners on the hunt for hardwood flooring face a number of important decisions. In addition to the wood type, color, and finish, it’s important to also take plank size into account. Many people overlook how plank size can affect the appearance of a hardwood floor and influence the overall visual space of a room. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use different plank sizes to achieve your stylistic vision from the experts at Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio!

Strip Flooring

herringbone wood floor, northwest san antonio

Strip flooring is anything less than 3 inches wide and use to be the most common plank size available. As such, it was used to create the intricate floor patterns so highly prized in older homes. While tastes have largely shifted toward favoring wider plank sizes, strip flooring has experienced a renaissance as a growing number of owners have rediscovered the unique appearance of herringbone and parquet flooring. Strip flooring is best for creating a more cozy, vintage look.

Standard Plank

standard plank wood floor, northwest san antonio

Most plank flooring you’ll find on the market today ranges between 3-8 inches wide. These planks are able to cover a sizable area while still maintaining a clean visual aesthetic. Unlike strip flooring, which can distract the eye with all of its lines and seams, standard plank flooring creates a more open feeling that blends well with most decor.

Wide Plank

wide plank hardwood floor, northwest san antonio

Wide plank flooring is made from boards 8 inches wide or more and is used to create a strong sense of visual space. When carefully installed, wide plank flooring can appear almost seamless, which allows the gaze to roam down the length of a room without interruption. Even if the physical space is small, wide plank flooring can help create a feeling of spaciousness by preventing the visual clutter that might occur with narrower planks.

Interested in seeing how different plank sizes might look in your San Antonio home or office? Contact Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio and our experts will come out for a free, on location, design consultation! We provide samples for you to view in context and will help you find the perfect match for your project. We proudly serve the San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights area.

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