Instead of standard straight plank installation, a growing number of San Antonio owners are choosing different wood floor layouts to showcase their personal style. Ranging from interesting angles to intricate designs, these patterns can enhance the beauty of your wood floors and take your decorating to the next level. Learn more from Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio!

Diagonal Patterndiagonal wood floor pattern

The diagonal pattern design is similar to the standard straight pattern design. Each board is placed parallel across the floor, but in this case the slats are laid at a 45-degree angle to give a more sophisticated design.

Herringbone Patternherringbone wood floor pattern

The herringbone pattern is a more complicated installation as the wood slats are laid in a broken zig-zag pattern.  The end of one slat is placed on the side of the other slat at an angle, giving the floor a twilled fabric appearance.

Chevron Pattern

The chevron wood floor pattern is often mistaken as the herringbone pattern, and will sometimes be called the French herringbone. This pattern also takes on the appearance of a zig-zag, yet each slat is cut at an angle to join the ends together to make a pointed “V” shape. The center of the “V” shape has a straight line going across the floor.

Parquet Pattern

Some homes have flooring that actually looks like a checkerboard. This wood pattern is called parquet, as the slats are placed down to form geometric square designs. You can add an additional complex pattern into each square for more dimensional depth.

Due to their complexity, these patterns require professional installation to ensure the pattern is laid out correctly. However, when properly installed, these custom layouts can enhance the beauty of your wood floors and really create a unique look in your space. If you’re thinking about installing custom wood flooring, call Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio today to schedule a free design consultation. We proudly serve the greater San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights areas!

Photo Credits (in order): Santiago Cornejo, YontsenJovana Veljkovic, Pawle