Custom grout colors are a great way to really make tile designs pop and accentuate the beauty of your tile flooring or backsplash. Here are some tips for San Antonio owners on pairing grout and tile colors to help you take your style to the next level. Keep reading to learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio!

Think Outside the Box

Metallic, glitter, and brightly colored grouts are all available to owners who want to have fun and make a statement. You can use the specialty grouts to achieve some truly stunning effects. For example, using a complementary grout color can highlight design elements of the tile that might otherwise be overlooked if paired with neutral beige, white, or gray grout.

tile mosaic with yellow grout, floor coverings international northwest san antonio

Dark Gray and Off White

While some people like to have strong lines between tiles, using a black or pure white grout can result in a checkerboard appearance. Instead, you can use dark grays and off whites to achieve contrasting lines in a way that won’t overwhelm the tile.

grout tile pairings, tile bathroom

Play With Shades

Instead of trying to match tile and grout colors exactly (which is nearly impossible), play around with different shades or tints of the main color to blend the tile and grout together visually.

blue tile and grout, bathroom tile

Think About Maintenance

In addition to influencing the look of your space, grout color also plays a role in how often you’ll need to clean your tile floor or backsplash. Lighter colored grouts will need to be scrubbed more often to remove the appearance of grim. Dark grouts have a tendency to fade or produce an efflorescent film that will need to be removed. Regardless of what color grout you select, make sure that you have it thoroughly sealed to prevent discoloration.

Interested in a custom tile and grout pairing? Contact our expert team at Floor Coverings International of Northwest San Antonio today! We’ll come out for a free, on location, design consultation and help you bring your unique tile project to life! We proudly serve the greater San Antonio, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights areas!

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